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RE/MAX Bravo
Minsk, str. Lobanka 81
+375 17 396 92 20


Minsk, Independence Avenue 177, office 18
+375 17 362 48 72

REMAX Мастер

RE/MAX Master
Minsk, str . Clara Zetkin 51, BC «RUM GLOBAL», 4th floor, office 13
+375 17 396 69 80

RE/MAX Delta

RE/MAX Delta
Minsk, str. Brilevskaya 2
+375 17 222 11 04

Open your business with RE/MAX

Franchise №1 in real estate in the world now and in Belarus.

Real Estate, RE/MAX

Real Estate market is growing rapidly. Such categories like rent, exchange, sale and purchasing of the commercial and residential property become more popular. RE/MAX is the absolute flagship in this industry, because it connects all the real estate in one place.

Why are we the best in our business? Everything is very simple. Company’s policy is firstly oriented to total clients’ needs fulfillment. And only after this we think about our profit. This is the way we realize the most important things and receive profit thereby. We also have a team of top professionals and high experience with proven methods and tools in real estate industry.

RE/MAX is the world famous real estate network. It grows rapidly gaining great momentum from 1973 till today. Now we are represented and successfully work for the benefit of our customers and our own image in 99 countries all over the world.    We are the honored and recognized leader of real estate market and one of the largest companies in the world. More than 100 000 qualified agents work in RE/MAX team all over the world now.

The popularity and stable growth of the company are also provided by a perfectly thought out and effective system of franchising. Do you want to become the part of our team and open your own successful business of international level? Nothing is impossible! Please contact us with one of the most convenient way for you and we can discuss it.

Do you wish to find real estate or to offer it to the potential contractors? That is simple too. Our international real estate portal is used by thousands of visitors. Successful deal guaranty approaches to 99,9%!

We value our reputation and confirm it practically. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers and confidential communication with world-class partners are the base and main motivation for our perfection. RE/MAX is the proven quality mark!

RE/MAX: to buy apartments

It is luxury for many people to have their own accommodation. It’s a pity, but for most of them it is not achievable. That is obviously that the most important factor that provides difficulties with accommodation purchasing is enough unfriendly economic situation in the country and in the world in common. But it is necessary to know that all these obstacles are very exaggerated and all the questions are elementary solvable.

We need only one correction: it is quite real to buy apartment on so beneficial conditions that we could only dream earlier about. And it is possible with the help of the real estate top professionals!

RE/MAX BELARUS real estate agency, that is the part of world famous company with long-term unblemished experience in real estate industry, provides you with a wide range of the most diverse real estate of any purpose.

Everyone can find for himself everything he looks for according to acceptable conditions. And we will provide you with qualified practical and information assistance. It makes the process of real estate search more productive, comfortable and safe.

It is possible to try to buy apartment in Minsk by your own efforts. But juridical, financial and other risks also fall entirely on you. For unenlightened in this sphere person it is necessary great luck, huge efforts and high costs to close such complicated deal successfully.

As a result of your professional assistance request all your problems will be solved in one fell swoop, even the problems that you don’t suspect about. It is reliably, safely and profitably in questions of saving time and money.

Real Estate market in Minsk is growing and developing very dynamically. Tens of listings of residential real estate sale appear every day. You can select the best of them on our portal. And due to our professional support you can become your accommodation owner very soon. We are glad to help you!